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DOCS, The Right Choice


​Millions of people come to Orlando each year—business travelers hoping for productive meetings and family vacationers expecting ‘fun in the sun’. We at Doctors On Call Service certainly hope your visits are all you could ever imagine.  Yet, in spite of your best wishes and planning, travelling gives rise to unanticipated situations.  While DOCS can’t promise you business success and we can’t guarantee sunny weather, one thing is certain.  If you get sick… we’re the people to call!


Doctors On Call Service is Central Florida’s premier resort medical service.  We offer 100% American-educated, American-trained Family Practice Physicians with decades of experience, who will help you by providing TRUE 24 Hour-A-Day house-call visits to rooms at local hotels/ resorts and vacation homes.  Rain or shine, our doctors provide their patients with the utmost in professional care, unparalleled bedside manner and peace of mind.  DOCS will get you back to your vacation or business plans faster than anyone else; and our prices will make you happy that you chose the extraordinary convenience of in-room medical care, rather than the long waits and aggravation that sometimes accompany visits to area walk-in clinics or emergency rooms.

Our Benefits:


  • 24-Hour Availability


  • Convenient & Affordable


  • Mobile Medical Service


  • Operating for over 25 years

          Thank you for visiting  "DOCS" --- Doctors On Call ServicePlease be aware that we are no longer seeing patients in the Central Florida region.  If you are staying in a hotel, resort, or vacation home, please contact your operator, front desk or concierge for their alternative recommendations for medical care.

          Watch for our new locations soon serving patients in Reno, Nevada and Nashville, Tennessee!!

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